Why Educators Rising is right for Alaska

Educators Rising is a free national membership organization for aspiring teachers and their mentors. Alaska has recently joined this national membership to help increase the available workforce of teachers committed to Alaska.

Designed for today's high school students with a new, Alaska-specific 4-course CTE Pathway that leads students on an examination of the roles of learner, leader and teacher of others. Students who complete the pathway can join the workforce as a para-educator or continue on at a university taking coursework that will lead to teacher certification.

This statewide effort that draws students from diverse communities and supports efforts to make best-fit matches to increase years of service in Alaska’s schools. It spans Alaska’s vast geography with a robust national virtual community to connect students and teachers with colleagues and ideas.

The second annual Teach for Alaska Presidential Scholarship application period is open now! The scholarship is open to all incoming undergrads enrolled to attend any of UA’s campuses.

It is a 4-year academic scholarship, offering $12,000 or $1,500 per semester!

Entries must be submitted by May 1. For more information, including application criteria, visit http://alaska.edu/learntoteach/.

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