2012 Annual Student Gathering

Fairbanks, Alaska // April 15-17th, 2012

2012 Gathering Agenda

Sunday, April 15

  • Keynote Speaker
  • 2012 Teacher of the Year: Cara Heitz
  • Digital Storytelling Presentation
  • Ice Cream Social & Ice Breakers

Monday, April 16

  • Poster Series Honoring Educators
  • Student-Led Workshops
  • Workshop Breakouts

Tuesday, April 17

  • University of Alaska Fairbanks Tour
  • Workshops: Rural Student Services, School of Education, Inside Out Program
  • Closing Ceremony
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  • 2004 Anchorage

2012 Recap:
9th Annual FEA Student Gathering

The 2012 FEA Student Gathering brought together high school students from all across Alaska for a fun and educational event focused on the education profession. Roughly 100 students gathered together in Fairbanks to participate in the event which focused on education careers, student leadership, college readiness, technology and mathematics in schools, distance learning, and more! Selected youth leaders led the event and gained leadership skills as they facilitated discussions, emceed the conference, and led the team building games. Students were welcomed to the University of Alaska Fairbanks by Chancellor Rogers. Their day on campus included a visit to Rural Student Services, the School of Education department, and a tour with the admission's Inside Out program. The Student Gathering concluded with a visit to the Museum of the North and a student dance! The 2013 Student Gathering will be held in Anchorage next April.