2014 Annual Student Gathering

Fairbanks, Alaska // April 13-15th, 2014

2014 Gathering Agenda

Sunday, April 13

  • Accuplacer & Test
  • FEA Officers - Practice
  • Opening Ceremony

Monday, April 14th

  • Student workshops and break-out sessions
  • Mock Interviews

Tuesday, April 15th

  • Tour of UAF School of Education, Rasmussen Library, Rural Services
  • Lunch on campus
  • Elections and Closing Ceremony
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  • 2007 Anchorage
  • 2006 Fairbanks
  • 2005 Juneau
  • 2004 Anchorage

2014 Recap:
11th Annual FEA Student Gathering

At the 2014 Annual FEA Student Career Academy, 47 high school students and their teachers from around the state traveled to Fairbanks to take part in a three-day learning experience. This year’s event took place at the Alpine Lodge and UAF campus.

On the first day of the event, over a dozen students took advantage of UAF’s Testing Services facility in order to take the Accuplacer test. Later that evening, all students, teachers and FEA staff attended the opening ceremony. A UAF student dance group, the Inu-Yupiaq Dancers, opened the ceremony with a lively performance. Students were engaged by motivating talks given by Dana Thomas, Vice President for Academic Affairs; and Fred Villa, Associate Vice President for Workforce Programs. CTSO Conference Speech and Presentation Competition winners presented for those who were unable to attend CTSO. Student President for 2013-14, Maata Finau emceed the event.

On the second day of the academy, students delved into stations enhancing job skills and college readiness. They learned how to build a resume, taking an electronic copy with them to use and adapt in the future; learned and practiced interview skills; met and interviewed UAF School of Education final-year students; met with culture-bearers; and participated in a team-building puzzle activity. After the events, one student noted, “Interviews are easier if you're charming. College is responsibility personified. Teamwork is important. It doesn't matter where you start in life, it's where you finish.”

The last day of the event occurred on the UAF campus. Students visited the School of Education department and met with the dean, faculty and advisers. They received helpful information on degree options at the School of Education, and learned about a distance delivery program that allows students to earn teaching degrees while still living in rural communities. Rural Student Services (RSS) overviewed the services they offer including potlatches, cozy hangout areas, and advising. Current UAF students from rural communities gave tips on studying and dealing with homesickness, and advice on where to find scholarships and financial aid. Regarding the advice of RSS students, one FEA student noted, “today was very much, sincerely and seriously motivational to someone like myself who likes to stall.” A tour through lower campus, the library and Wood Center was followed by lunch at Lola Tilley Commons, campus dining hall.

The 2014 FEA Student Career Academy closed with students’ election speeches and the election of CTSO officers for the 2014-15 school year.

An album containing photos from this year's event is available for viewing on our Facebook page.