2016 CTSO Performance-Based Conference March 31-April 2

FEA Career Academy April 3-5 // Anchorage, Alaska

2016 Gathering Agenda

March 29-April 2

  • Students arrive at the Anchorage Hilton
  • FEA student presentations
  • Academic Enrichment at the hotel

April 3-5

  • Remaining FEA students arrive
  • Welcoming address from Anna Melovidov
  • Technology in the Classroomroom
  • Communal Art Project
  • Tour UAA
  • Election of officers
  • 2009 Fairbanks
  • 2008 Juneau
  • 2007 Anchorage
  • 2006 Fairbanks
  • 2005 Juneau
  • 2004 Anchorage

2016 Recap:
13th Annual FEA Student Gathering

FEA State Officers: Mele Finau, President; Amanda Friendshuh, Vice-President; Rene Ewan, Historian; Savannah-Marie Gregory, Secretary; and Linnae Kozloff, Parliamentarian; arrived two days prior to the event to assist state officers from five other CTSOs prepare for the annual Conference that officially began at eight AM with the opening ceremony.  Over seven hundred students attended, forty-four of whom were FEA.  The theme for this conference was Building Success Together.  The FEA officers went above and beyond their duty as student leaders in leading ice breaker and team building activities to make all FEA students more at ease at such a large event.  FEA students were encouraged to attend workshops and performance based assessments during the event. Carol Lee Gho and Jeanne Campbell served as judges for the FEA presentations, which included Children’s Literature, Lesson Plan Development, and Public Speaking.  A special thanks goes out to Johanna Bell, Samantha Cholok, and Kendra Charlie from Scammon Bay who allowed FEA to post their project here.   

FEA is in need of judges for the upcoming CTSO Conference March 23-24, 2017.  If you have an education back ground, are familiar with rubrics and are interested in contributing to the success of rising educators, please contact the FEA office at 907-450-8379.  Some planning and preparation prior to the event will be required.

2016 FEA Career Academy April 3-5, 2016 Recap

At the 2016 Annual FEA Student Career Academy, 47 high school students and their teachers from around the state traveled to Anchorage to take part in a three-day learning experience. This year’s event took place at the Hilton hotel in Anchorage.  Opening ceremony Sunday after dinner began with a welcoming speech from Anna Melovidov, a RAHI and FEA alumni who is working to finish her degree to become a certified teacher.  The opening project centered on the theme Educators are Superheroes.  The students identified someone in their life who contributed to their education in a profound way, identifying  the skill, persona, or special quality that made that person so special.  With the guidance of artist Putt Clark from K-12 Outreach they made an oil pastel symbolic representation of that person’s special quality or super power.  The individual art pieces will be put together in a montage for display as an FEA cultural artifact.  

Monday began with a tour of the UAA campus and lunch at UAA Creekside Commons.  Michael Ulroan, ANSEP Regional Director, was an enthusiastic speaker, kicking off the workshops for the afternoon.   The students learned about Native Student Services on the UAA campus, how to prepare financially for college, the ongoing development of a Personal Learning Career Plan with AKCIS, and representatives from the College of Education provided insights to the education pathway beyond high school.  Tuesday the workshops included resume writing, interviewing, and the steps it takes to discover your major.  FEA would like to extend its gratitude for all of the University of Alaska Anchorage and Alaska Commission on Post-secondary Education staff who contributed to a successful event.