2017 CTSO Performance-Based Conference March 23-March 25

FEA Career Academy March 25-27 // Anchorage, Alaska

2017 Gathering Agenda

March 23-March 25

  • Students arrive at the Anchorage Hilton
  • Opening ceremonies, competitions & workshops
  • CTSO student dance Friday night
  • Awards and closing ceremonies Saturday

March 25-27

  • Remaining FEA students arrive
  • Classroom Management, Mock Interviews, and College Readiness
  • Message from Commissioner Michael Johnson
  • Tour of UAA College of Education
  • Accuplacer placement test
  • 2009 Fairbanks
  • 2008 Juneau
  • 2007 Anchorage
  • 2006 Fairbanks
  • 2005 Juneau
  • 2004 Anchorage

2017 Recap:
14th Annual FEA Student Gathering

CTSOs (Career and Technical Student Organizations) give students the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge.  CTSO helps students build their leadership skills, work as a part of a team, learn about expectations in the workplace, and prepare for work in Alaska.  This performance-based assessment conference featured seven CTSOs, including Future Educators of Alaska (FEA) which is in the midst of transitioning to Educators Rising.  This year, 35 FEA students participated in this conference.  Students involved in FEA were asked to choose a competition to enroll in: Creative Lecture, Lesson Plan, or Inside our Schools and present their competition to three judges: Elizabeth Pisel-Davis (Ed Rising Alaska), Colleen Angaiak (UAF Rural Student Services), and Olga Skinner (UAF Rural Student Services).  Students were judged by the Educators Rising rubrics and the first place winners from each competition were invited to go to nationals.  If students were not presenting their project, they were asked to attend workshops or their peers’ presentations. FEA’s three officers Amanda Friendshuh, Emma Shelton, and Karri Montero assisted other CTSO officers in the closing ceremonies.

2017 FEA Career Academy March 25-27, 2017 Recap

Thirty-seven students took part in the FEA Academy at Embassy Suites, most of whom had attended CTSO.  The event began with an introduction from FEA’s officers who gave a wonderful overview of the weekend ahead.  During this introduction, several key people from the weekend were introduced.  After introductions, students enjoyed dinner together. 

On Sunday morning, the students participated in several ice breaker games in order to become familiar with their fellow FEA members from across Alaska.  After icebreaker activities, the students were broken into three different groups led by the officers to attend activity rotations.  Elizabeth Pisel-Davis led a rotation on Classroom Management; Alaska Statewide Mentor, Christine Walker, RAHI director, Denise Wartes, and Geophysical Institute education coordinator, Doreen Hayward led the students in mock interviews; and Colleen Angaiak and Brittany Williams led a rotation on a round of College Readiness BINGO.  Students completed two rotations before hearing from Education Commission Dr. Michael Johnson on Google Hangout.  The commissioner talked with the students about the importance of becoming a teacher and then received personal questions from the students.  After this time, students completed their final rotation before ending the evening in a fun icebreaker activity.

On Monday, the students took a bus the University of Alaska’s College of Education.  Students sat through two presentations from the dean and multiple academic advisors.  After this, the students met with several UAA students who led them on a tour of the UAA campus and Native Student Services.

The staff at K-12 Outreach would like to thank every student, advisor, UAA staff and faculty, UAF staff and faculty, the commissioner, and other individuals for helping to make this event successful.