2018 CTSO Conference March 22-March 24

Educators Rising Alaska Conference March 24-26 // Anchorage, Alaska

2018 Gathering Agenda

March 22-March 24

  • Students arrive at the Anchorage Hilton
  • Opening ceremonies, competitions & workshops

March 25-26

  • EdRising Students bus to Fairbanks
  • Classroom Management, Mock Interviews, and College Readiness
  • Tour of UAA College of Education
  • Banquet and Speeches
  • 2009 Fairbanks
  • 2008 Juneau
  • 2007 Anchorage
  • 2006 Fairbanks
  • 2005 Juneau
  • 2004 Anchorage

2018 Recap:
1st Annual Official Educators Rising Alaska Student Gathering

(16th Annual including 15 previous FEA gatherings).

CTSOs (Career and Technical Student Organizations) give students the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge.  CTSO helps students build their leadership skills, work as a part of a team, learn about expectations in the workplace, and prepare for work in Alaska.  This performance-based assessment conference featured seven CTSOs, including Educators Rising Alaska. This event was in Anchorage, March 22-24.

Immediately following CTSO, Educators Rising Alaska students boarded a bus and drove to Fairbanks for the Educators Rising Alaska conference. Students participated in workshops including resume writing, job interviewing, working with a learning robot, and, they also had tours of the UAF campus. This two-day event concluded on the 26th with a banquet and speakers including Dean of SOE Steve Atwater, 2018 Teacher of the Year, Ben Walker, and Amanda Friendshuh, EdRising Alaska 2017 student president.

2018 Educators Rising Conference in Orlando, FL, June 21st-24th

Twenty five Educators Rising Alaska students flew to Orlando, FL, for the 2018 Educators Rising Conference in June. Twenty one participated in the competitions while there. Students faced extremely stiff competition, and yet, one team managed to place 5th in the K-3 Children's Literature competition. Congratulations to Jillian and Hailey Holand, and their teacher leader Christel Mozalevskiy!

Some of our students traveled as much as 30 hours to get to Florida, and that didn't go unnoticed. Our team was awarded the Spirit Award for having traveled the furthest, and we're awarded the Spirit Bear in recognition.