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As our students develop teaching skills, they deserve recognition for their growth. Micro-credentials (or digital badges) are performance-based assessments that allow rising educators to showcase their growing skills.
Each micro-credential submission requires an estimated 5–15 hours of work, and rising educators are encouraged to earn them all. For each micro-credential, you’ll find submission criteria, a research base, recommended resources for preparing a submission, and a scoring rubric.Submissions are reviewed by expert educators, ensuring that achieving a micro-credential represents a meaningful early step on a rising educator's path to accomplished teaching.




Educators Rising is working with colleges, scholarship committees, employers, and other evaluators to recognize and value micro-credential achievement.

The Educators Rising micro-credentials were developed in partnership with Digital Promise, which is leading an innovative effort to develop an educator micro-credential ecosystem.

For more information about the micro-credentials, check out this one-page overview. Click on below icons for links.





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