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Highlighting Exceptional Educators!

Future Educators of Alaska (FEA), are thrilled to recognize Alaska Native Educators. Their stories and enthusiasm for the education profession are shared with FEA students from across Alaska who are interested in becoming future teachers and administrators. By highlighting strong and inspirational Alaska Native we can show students there are many paths to becoming an educator and the dream can be a reality!

Words of Wisdom from Alaska Educators!
club tips

The following are a few tips and words of wisdom from our club Advisors!

  • Everybody makes mistakes, even the President. We should learn from our mistakes.
» Yup’ik Elder
  • Teachers who model learning as lifetime learners assist students and prove to them we are all learners. Teaching with enjoyment, for the love of children, facing new challenges is on-going. I enjoy the art of creativity.
» Yurrliq Nita Rearden, Kotlick
  • Never forget who you are and where you came from. Teach with respect to the language and culture.
» Chris Petu Koonooka, Gambell