Summer Institutes

The Future Teachers of Alaska (FTA) Program sponsored three Summer Institutes (2004, 2005 and 2006) which brought together a group of dedicated educators from across Alaska to develop resources for the FTA Starter Kit including the FTA Advisor Handbook and Careers in Education K-12 Curriculum.

2004 Summer Institute
2004 Summer Institute Left to right: Arnaq Esther Ilutsik, Yaayuk Bernadette Alvanna Stimpfle, Ac'aralek Lolly Carpluk, Agnes McIntyre and Sharon John.

2005 Summer Institute
2005 Summer Institute Standing left to right: Veta VanHatten, Jennifer Romer, Linda Green, Adam Demientieff, Laurie Leonard, Linda Evans and Nita Rearden. Seated left to right: Yaayuk Bernadette Alvanna Stimpfle, Ac'aralek Lolly Carpluk and Arnaq Esther Ilutsik.

2006 Summer Institute
2006 Summer Institute Standing left to right: Ayaprun Loddie Jones, Sharon Wegner, Shane Wegner, Staci Anelon, Donna Peterson, Sandi Keller and Yaayuk Bernadette Alvanna Stimpfle. Seated left to right: Ac'aralek Lolly Carpluk, Linda Evans, Patrick Parente, Amanda Bailey and Cheryl Silcox.

The Institute trainers were Ayaprun Loddie Jones, Arnaq Esther Ilutsik and Yaayuk Bernadette Stimpfle whose Indigenous perspectives instilled a cultural foundation in the FTA students' educational career pathway. Sharon John and Agnes McIntyre, Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation Career Pathways Center Coordinators, also provided training based on their experience adapting national health career curriculum as well as drafting Yup'ik based health curricula.


Rhonda Hickok, former Preparing Indigenous Teachers and Administrators for Alaska's Schools (PITAAS) Program Director, shared information on the PITAAS course which is an Alaskan model developed for Indigenous high school students.

Teri Schneider, Kodiak Island Borough School District Native and Rural Education Program Coordinator, presented an adaptation of the PITAAS course which she has taught for over four years on Kodiak Island.

The Center for Educator Recruitment and Retention for Advancement training staff at Rock Hill, South Carolina provided intensive training on their national high school teacher cadet model.

The FTA Summer Institutes would not have been possible without the help of the following: Adam Demientieff provided assistance in the areas of media, web, and graphics; the University of Alaska K-12 Outreach Department staff organized the necessary logistics and arrangements for the Summer Institutes; Scott Christian, Mary Johnsen and Melissa Hill developed the FTA grant proposal; and the Alaska Federation of Natives and Alaska Native Education Association provided on-going support in their role as statewide partners.