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Course Name
Course 1

Self Awareness
Social Awareness
Ambassador of Learning
Career Planning & Being a Professional

Course 2

Child Development
Educational Psychology
Interpersonal Relationships
Diverse Learners
Pedagogy and Lesson Planning

Course 3

Classroom Management
Instructional Strategies
Culture for Learning
Routines & Procedures

Course 4

Reflective Practices
Professional Portfolio
Professional Networks
Planning the plan



















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As our students develop teaching skills, they deserve recognition for their growth. Micro-credentials (or digital badges) are performance-based assessments that allow rising educators to showcase their growing skills.

For more information about the micro-credentials, check out this one-page overview. Click on the icons to the right for links. For PDFs of the microcredientials: Anti-bias, Classroom Culture, Collaboration, Formative Assessment, Learner Engagement.